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Stephen Skory, Amsterdam 2002

Stephen Skory, Amsterdam 2002

Hi! This is Stephen Skory’s website. It’s full of super exciting stuff like pictures and movies and commentary. Mostly about bikes. And stuff that bugs me. I feel that I’ve really done some good work recently on becoming a curmudgeon, and I hope it shows on the website.

Would you like to contact me? Look here for my contact information.

I’m currently a postdoc at CU Boulder, and I got my PhD in (astro)physics at UCSD in October, 2010, and I use Enzo and yt in my work. I’ve been married to Melissa since June 2010. I like to ride bikes.

I used to say more here, but I decided to pare it down, for the sake of National Security, or maybe I’m simply paranoid.

SSH Keys: Do you want to give me access to your machine? Then go ahead and give it to me.

April, 2011

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