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Cycling Track Nats Addendum

Cycling Track Nats Addendum

A few more things to add to my post from yesterday about Track Nationals.

Here are some photos I took at Nationals that I posted on the UCSD Cycling website. Photos on the Velodromes website and photos another rider took which are actually very decent and have a surprisingly large number of photos of UCSD. I don’t actually know who took them, but thank you! (Update: They were taken by Steve McFarland of Tufts.)

Choice quotes from the weekend:

“Are you too good for your home?” – A slightly delirious Ashley trying to fit her rollers in a bag.

“I don’t wanna be a cowboy.” – Stephen before both points races (copying Joe Merlone, who probably copied it from someone else).

“Awesome!” – What Ashley yelled at me almost every lap of the points race final.

I’ll edit this entry when I think of more…

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