My Photos Go Global

My Photos Go Global

Google Earth & My Photos

During lunch today I added a module to my photo gallery that allows me to tag photos or albums with latitude and logitude such that they are marked on a map. Using Google Maps along with the Google Maps Module for my photo gallery software, in less than 15 minutes I was able to mark my photos and albums on the earth.

I can tag photos or albums by type, so that when browsing the map, different types can be turned off or on. You can also define places to quickly zoom in on. There is a facility to map routes (like this), but haven't tried that yet. When you click on one of the marker pins, a preview window will pop up, with a thumbnail for that photo or gallery, a link to the item, and the title or description.

It's all very slick, and it worked on my first try. If your browser works with Google Maps, it will work with this. Go check it out!

(p.s. Right now not all browsers show the fonts the correct size, Firefox in particular. I suggest trying a different browser until I fix that problem.)

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