Two Running Violet V Forms

Two Running Violet V Forms

In my opinion, Two Running Violet V Forms by Robert Irwin (1983), is the most easily describable entry in the Stuart Collection. Put simply, it is blue chain link fence raised thirty feet off the ground, arranged in two V shapes, set in the eucalyptus grove in the middle of campus. There's really not much more to say about it.


Um, wait it also has... nope, um... uh, yeah. That's really all there is to this art.


Oh, okay, I do have something to say about this 'art.' A couple things. First, this is another entry in the list of Stuart Collection art I could have done myself. That's not a good thing. Second, at least this art is easily avoidable, being in a part of campus I rarely go. If I do go there, I just have to keep my eyes low and I go right through it unmolested. Save your time and see something else while on campus. Third, while describing it is easy, understanding it isn't. Do you understand it? If so, can you help a brother out?

I promise that upcoming Stuart Collection posts will be more interesting!

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