4 > 1

It’s simple numerics, really. The new Mac Pro has four CPU cores, which is better than one. One is how many CPUs my current desktop machine has, a 1.5 year old iMac G5. Just think of all the things I can do with four cores that I can’t do with one! What, you can’t think of them? Well, boremeister, it’s a good thing I have some imagination.

One idea is to hook it to one of my previous wish list items. I’ll need all four cores to support all the things I’ll be running on all those monitors. Just think of it! A movie on one – web pages on two – my live stock ticker on another. On one screen I’ll be running a simulation to cure cancer while on another I’ll be writing a new, effective constitution for Iraq. I’m serious about this. If you buy me this computer all these things will come to pass. If you doubt me and fail to come through, world strife will be on your conscience. Do you dare to be the one that could have done something, but didn’t?

It’s only your money. We’re talking about human welfare here!