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Currently in my apartment I have three large, high quality maps on my walls. Two of them are from Raven Maps: California, and Southern California. The third is late 1940's-era (it may have been printed much later than that) USGS topographic map of the central San Francisco Bay Area made up of two 7x4 foot sheets. I have more in my closet. Clearly, I like maps.

San Diego & area

Click for a larger view.

Over at Rand McNally, they have a custom map store where you can choose your own area to map, at about 10 scales (from neighborhood to state level), and they will print it out in poster format, up to 48x60 inches. But it's not cheap. That size, their largest, costs nearly $400. You can also choose to receive a custom booklet for that map with a street index.

Alas, if you can’t run Internet Explorer on Windows, you cannot use their custom map web interface. They should at least make it Firefox compatible, because IE is a bad idea all the time.

To the left here I've previewed the map I would like you to give me. It covers all parts of San Diego that I ride my bike at with sufficient detail of the smaller streets that are important. I would like it in the largest size, with the street index, too. With a cool wall map like this, I can plan out new rides much more easily than on a computer. San Diego county is nearly four times larger than Rhode Island (11,700 km2 to 3400 km2), with much more interesting geography. Help me discover it's wonders!

It's only your money. We're talking about my geographcial edification here!

(p.s. Yeah, okay, there's actually no http://map.a.licio.us/, but there should be.)

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