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UCSD Celebration of Abilities Month – Stephen Skory
UCSD Celebration of Abilities Month

UCSD Celebration of Abilities Month

I got this in my 'Bulk' mail folder today:

University of California, San Diego


September 28, 2006


SUBJECT: UCSD Celebration of Abilities Month

I am pleased to announce and encourage faculty, staff and students to participate in the Celebration of Abilities Month events during the month of October 2006. Featured events will be held at the Price Center Plaza on October 4 from 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and consecutively on October 5 at the grassy area between Torrey Pines Center North and Torrey Pines Center South.

The purpose of these activities is to increase the awareness of and sensitivity to the abilities and needs of people with disabilities at UCSD. Details and a complete schedule of events can be viewed at: http://blink.ucsd.edu/go/disabilityawarenessmonth

In recognition of this annual event, I am approving one hour of administrative leave with pay that employees may apply to their
attendance at a Celebration of Abilities activity. Supervisors are encouraged to allow employees one hour of administrative leave with pay to attend a Celebration of Abilities event when the absence does not infringe upon the performance of required job duties.

Inquiries regarding the events may be directed to the Human Resources Department, Employee Rehabilitation Program at (858)534-6744.
Marye Anne Fox

Now read this excellent article from the Onion: Congress Passes Americans With No Abilities Act. Now go back and re-read the above email. If you've ever dealt with Academic Computing Services here at UCSD, you'll know who will be getting the biggest cheers at this celebration.

One thought on “UCSD Celebration of Abilities Month

  1. Celebration of Abilities?
    That reminds me of the Museum of Tolerance in LA or the Peace Museum in Hiroshima.
    I’m going to collect these onto a webpage and call it the “List of Seriously not at All Ironic Names.”

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