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[W]hack a Phone – Stephen Skory
[W]hack a Phone

[W]hack a Phone

Motorola E815

I've had my Motorola E815 phone for about a year. It has bluetooth, a camera, and other cool features, like many modern phones. Bluetooth enables you to transfer photos, movies and ringtones on and off a phone. All these things seem like a useful feature set for a phone. However, Verizon, the carrier for my current phone, disabled a number of bluetooth features, such as file transfer.

Why would Verizon intentionally cripple a phone? Money, of course. Turning off the file transfer abilities of a phone means that if I want to get the photos I take using my phone onto my personal computer, I need to use their not free services. Also, if I want to get a new ringtone, I need to pay for them (often over a buck for 30 seconds of music!), instead of uploading a simple, free, MIDI I found on the internet.

Ever since I got my phone, I've been aware that it is easily hacked to allow all bluetooth function, but it required a special USB cable. I never got around to buying the $10 cable, and hacking the phone, until now.


The camera actually takes farily decent photos in a wide range of light conditions considering it's just a pinhole lens. It also takes short movies, with sound. I can also upload MIDI sound files, or even MP3s, and make them my ringtone. I've always wanted to pull out my camera phone whenever I saw something cool, but never bothered because I couldn't get them off the camera for free. Now that I can, I'll be more willing to snap a pic of whatever.


5 thoughts on “[W]hack a Phone

  1. this reminds me– we are thinking anna banana will be yoda for halloween… she has been growing her hair out for this very purpose.

  2. I’m looking forward to a nice session with my dictionary to decifer the software for my phone and find out if I can upload pictures onto my comp. With the amount that people use their camera phones around here, and the number of phones that are more like cameras with phones attached rather than the other way round, I’m guessing they don’t block that feature here.

  3. great. just what we need, one more oppurtunity to catch inagodadavida or the latest justin track while standing in line at the safeway.

    ps. verizon didn’t disable bt file transfer on the treo.

    pps. since when is yoda hairy? and what does this have to do with bluetooth technology?

  4. Anna Banna is a dog that somewhat resembles Yoda, short, round and mottled brown hair. I suppose my sister was reminded of this by the picture of the Lego Yoda.

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