T-Minus Ten Days

T-Minus Ten Days

In ten days I turn twenty... err seven. Sometimes it's hard to keep track, seeing as my cycling racing age has been 27 since January 1st, 2006. Most (all) of my readers are my friends and family, so they should already be in turmoil over what to gift me. I've thoughtfully provided a wish list, below.

  • You can start from my Wish List category. Any one of the items seen on that list will suffice.
  • A subscription to Scientific American.
  • A Red Ferrari.
  • A waffle iron. Seriously. I'd use it.
  • A new Trek Madone SL 5.5. My current road bike is over five years old and I'd love to get a new one (as long as it's free to me, of course).
  • I'd enjoy a new cycling computer. A power-measuring bottom bracket ($1,599.95) would be nice. If you're feeling less generous, a Garmin Edge 305 (~$350) with GPS and wireless cadence would be a nice upgrade to my Forerunner 301.
  • Cold, hard cash is always accepted. But it's quite unoriginal.
  • I've started a bit of a garden, so plant paraphernalia would be good. Or wild bird feeder stuff. No need for a hummingbird feeder - we got one today.
  • If you're feeling especially kitchy, enroll me in some sort of (blank) of the month club. Cheese? Bread? Beer? Sushi? It's all good.

6 thoughts on “T-Minus Ten Days

  1. Hm, sounds like cycling age works just like Korean age, everyone gains a year on January 1st. I’ve been 23 since the day I got here.

    Anyway, if you really want a spam gift set (click link for my website above), I can send it, but I have to go back to the big city and buy it at the megastore and then send it and basically by then it would be a Christmas present anyway.

    Maybe there’s a kim-chi of the month club. I can check that out for you if you like! I hear there’s some 500 varieties and I really don’t doubt it! I for one can already tell at least ten of them apart. Seriously, I think they put crack in the stuff.

    Anyway, congrats on being hella old.

  2. Nah, no spam for me. What’s the novelty in that? Kim-chi would be awesome. But it’d better be the authentic kind – fermented in the ground. I don’t want any of that mass-produced crap.

  3. You do realize that kim-chi is pickled right? Think olives and pickles… and it makes the fridge smell like nobody’s business.

  4. How about Twinkies? Those are always on your shopping list, along with the red Ferrari. I don’t think I’ll get you the 3rd regular item, either.

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