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New Price Center

New Price Center

Quicktime Movie, 7.44mb, 3m 1s playing time
Larger Version (worth the wait!), 42.83mb, 1000×655 pixels
1087 frames, 3h 36m, ~12s between frames
music: Comfort Eagle, by Cake
SERF building roof looking west
February 1, 2007

I would have liked this time lapse to cover more time, but the internal camera battery died because I didn’t fully charge it. I did have my external battery plugged in, but the camera cannot run off that alone. Also, since these images are very complex, even JPEG compression cannot reduce their size too much, and I nearly filled my 1gb card. For example, my previous time lapse project, Airport Sunset, I took over 600 more photos than this time. The difference is those frames had nearly half devoted to the sky.

3 thoughts on “New Price Center

  1. Here’s an instance where a frame-differencing compression (like MPEG) would have saved a lot of memory card space. Of course still cameras don’t do that.

  2. That crane is pushing about a 5% duty cycle, nice union job.
    My favorite part is watching guys get spawned and eaten by the blue tarp near the bottom of the screen.

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