Blade CP

Blade CP

I promised several of my faithful readers multimedia of my new E-Flite Blade CP in action, so here it is. Below is a short movie showing my lack of skills. In my defense, I didn't crash and it was windy today (you can hear the wind on the microphone). When I first started flying the Blade CP, I definitely would have crashed the helicopter in wind like this.

The Blade CP is an electric helicopter with separate main and tail motors. It features Cyclic/Collective Pitch Mixing that uses three servos which move in concert to raise and tilt the swashplate. The swashplate is connected to a flybar, which is then connected to the main rotors. This is called the Hiller control mechanism. The electronic throttle is linked to the collective, so as the throttle increases, the overall pitch of the blades gets steeper. The helicopter also features a gyro that helps keep the helicopter stable and pointing in one direction (yaw). If I get proficient enough with the helicopter, I can upgrade several parts which will enable aerobatic & inverted flying.



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