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Yahoo! Mail support is a joke – Stephen Skory
Yahoo! Mail support is a joke

Yahoo! Mail support is a joke

For some reason, lately when I go to Yahoo! Mail (mail.yahoo.com), occasionally instead of going to my inbox, I get a page of raw PHP. Here are the first few lines:

<?PHP ini_set('display_errors', 0); $data = yahoo_reg_login_setup(); if ( $data === FALSE ) { exit(); } else if ( ! isset( $data['DISPLAY_FORM'] ) ) { error_log( "yahoo_reg_login_setup didn't set the DISPLAY_FORM field" ); header( "Location: http://login.yahoo.com/"); exit(); }

Here is the rest of the PHP code. It is obviously the PHP code that runs the base of Yahoo! Mail, which decides where to forward you: either to your inbox or to a login page. At any rate, there's no reason why Yahoo! Mail's servers should be sending me raw PHP.

When I get this page, if I hit 'refresh' I'll get the correct page, so things aren't totally broken. This slightly annoying, and it's obviously a problem with Yahoo! Mail's servers. My web browser is incapable of producing raw PHP code, much less with a Yahoo! Mail bug tracking number (see the full text).

Trying to be proactive, I sent this code to their help department. I also wrote "Please don't tell me it's my problem, as there is no way my browser can generate raw PHP." They wrote back telling me:

We understand that you're receiving a HTML error message in your account ... To help us troubleshoot and assess the issue, please take a screenshot of the entire page when the issue occurs next.

They then proceed with instructions on how to take screenshots in Windows. As a Mac OS X user, I found this help insulting and useless. I am no common Windows user, and they shouldn't assume I am. Furthermore, providing a screenshot is even less helpful than my original post, as the PHP code covers more than one contiguous window - I have to scroll to see all the PHP code. It's clear that either my message wasn't read, or the person reading it had no idea what I was saying and put in the most general pre-written reply they could find.

It says something about your company when this kind of 'help' is allowed. This person should have forwarded my message to someone who had a clue. They shouldn't have sent me anything, much less nonsense, when they no idea what I was writing about. Perhaps there is no conduit for this kind of thing between the Yahoo! Mail help staff and the actual programmers. If that's the case, it's a shame, and it's more evidence why GOOG is kicking YHOO's butt.

3 thoughts on “Yahoo! Mail support is a joke

  1. With regards to Yahoo sending you Windows instructions, take it as a compliment to you as a Mac user and Mac as an operating system. Only Windows users would need instructions on taking a screen shot because a) they’re too dumb to come up with the answer themselves, and b) Windows is too user-unfriendly to yield a simple answer.

  2. Here’s a followup which is more on-topic:


    Hello Stephen,

    Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Mail Plus Customer Care.

    Our engineering staff is currently looking into the PHP code that you
    are experiencing. We apologize for the inconvenience and would like to
    assure you that we are doing everything in our power to resolve the
    issue as quickly as possible.

    We appreciate your patience and understanding on this matter. As always,
    your satisfaction is our goal.

    Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Mail Plus Customer Care.



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