Opening Yellow Flowers

Opening Yellow Flowers

Quicktime movie, 1.50mb, 25s playing time
150 frames, 1h 40m, ~40s between frames
near my apartment
May 28, 2007
Recommended: Large Version, 1000x665, 17.91mb

Because there is so much going on here, I find it's nice to look at just one flower open up at a time. As the overcast conditions gave way to sunshine, intermittent clouds covered the sun, which lead to the change in brightness during the movie. As is the case with many of my time-lapse movies, the higher resolution version is well worth the download. Of course, either version is much better than anything you'd see on YouTube.

I also took some close-up images of the flowers, and the honey bees patronizing them. A couple of the bees had very impressive collections of pollen on their legs.


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