Looking Fast

Looking Fast

As you can see above, my bike looks fast! I just hope that looking fast will make me fast.

I finally have my Pro-Lite wheels on my track bike. The rear wheel has an interchangeable hub for road and track setups. It came with the road hub installed, and it was supposed to have come with the track hub part in the box. It didn't. It also didn't come with the front wheel skewer, and brake pads, which it should have. I am borrowing the missing parts for the the next week so I can actually ride my wheels.

Speaking of nice bike stuff, take a look at Anna Lang's new ride below. Her sponsors are having her ride a $9,000 Look 496 Track Frame, which is just plain crazy. She's a graduate student like me, so that's a large portion of her yearly income. There's no way she would be riding it on her own means. Here's an article about this unique frame.


4 thoughts on “Looking Fast

  1. What are the aerodynamic consequences of the little round valvestem hole in the rear wheel disk? Maybe it should have a (very light) cover.

  2. How do you like your 735TR?

    I’m looking for a new track bike and I’m deciding between a friends 2003 Cannondale Track and the 2008 LD 735TR.

    Any complaints or comments?


  3. I like it! It wasn’t very expensive and it’s a light and stiff bike. The one caveat is if you’re planning on riding it on a very steep velodrome (like Carson or other world-class 250m tracks) the up-track pedal can hit the ground if you’re not moving very fast. I’m an endurance rider so that’s not a concern for me!

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