2007 Collegiate Track Nationals Video

2007 Collegiate Track Nationals Video

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Above is a video I put together documenting the 2007 Collegiate Track Nationals. I put this race together over the last 10 months (along with a great deal of help from others, especially Chris Nekarda). Held at the San Diego Velodrome, over 100 collegiate cyclists from around the country competed over three days. My team, UCSD, did quite well, and at least one UCSD rider was on every podium.

You can watch the video by clicking on the image above, or if that's giving you problems, right click here and select 'save link as...' (or something similar depending on your browser). Then you will play the movie off your hard drive. You'll also need the most recent version of Quicktime on your computer for either method. If you have a reasonably fast connection, clicking on the image above will start playing the video right away.

Some notes: If I had planned my video a bit more before the event, I could have had done a better job (imagine that!). In particular, a few of my teammates are under-represented in the video, which was purely accidental. I would have liked to have a more even coverage of everyone.

I hope you enjoy the movie. Thanks to Chris Schroeder for letting me borrow his DV video camera, and Chris Nekarda for a few still photographs in the movie.

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