Ride History Mashup

Ride History Mashup

Below are some mashups showing the frequency density of where I have ridden my bikes in the last three years. (I never use my GPS on the track, so velodrome riding is not represented here. And besides, that isn't very interesting.) The circles on the maps represent a place I have passed through, and the color how many times. Red means many, perhaps as many as 5000 times for the area near my apartment, and blue means few, as few as once. That 5000 doesn't mean I've done 5000 rides, it means that there are 5000 GPS waypoints in the 100 meter radius circle around that particular point. As waypoints are recorded closer than 100m apart, the same ride could have multiple waypoints inside each circle. Also note that the circles on the map are much larger than 100m.

Click on each for a larger view.

Update: 19 April 2009 I made a Google Earth KMZ file containing all the points. If you open it, be patient as it will take a bit of time to load. Download it here.

I think I'm planning on posting the code here and at the forums on Motionbased, as I think other people might like this fun bit of code. But I want to clean it up a bit before I make it public.

5 thoughts on “Ride History Mashup

  1. Interesting! I can identify all or almost all of the Bay Area routes. Can you put this into a format that could be overlaid with Google Earth?

  2. I haven’t been successful yet. The first time I tried it with 41,000 points, and that was too many. I’ve dropped that down to about 14,000 now, but I haven’t tried again. I may try again.

  3. Yeah pretty awesome. Though it gives me a tummy ache because Kirchoff’s Current Law is violated.

  4. Stephen —

    I just tried out your script. Thanks for sharing it. Can you tell me what settings you used to create the maps you show? I’ve tried a number of settings but I just get big ugly smears of red covering whole areas, and I can not make out any individual routes.

    I used these settings:
    output jpeg (600 x auto)
    colorize using N/frequency
    resize using this field: none
    minimum/maximum/unresized radius: 5 pixels
    calc frequency: yes, automatically
    show point names: no

    My data set is about one year’s worth of riding (44 MB tcx file), resulting in a 145 KB UniquePoints.txt file (4400 lines)


  5. Duh, I just found your details page on the app. The results are better, but still nothing like what you have. I’ll play around with it some more. What I’m getting now looks like routes, but each route has been duplicated 20+ times and offset in the X direction with the spread of about 10 km.

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