Hawaiian GT-40

Hawaiian GT-40


Parked in front of my building this morning is a Hawaiian Ford GT, which retails for the suggested price of $139,995. Someone has to be serious about their car to bring it all the way from Hawaii. They even have driving gloves that match the seat belts.


This is the first time I've seen one parked, I never realized how deep the vents behind the radiator are in the hood.


Like all expensive cars, the motor has its own window.


3 thoughts on “Hawaiian GT-40

  1. Think this belongs to a UCSD grad student?

    Check out those round tail lights, which are pure throwback to 1956-1957 Ford sedans.

    I remember seeing (on TV) a very interesting movie about the original, real GT-40’s racing at Le Mans. I wonder if this movie is find-able somewhere.

  2. Oh, I should have said that this was parked in front of my building on campus. No doubt this belongs to someone other than a grad student.

  3. there’s a porche cayenne (??) that lives in front of gould’s building in the grad housing. there are odd expensive cars peppered among the more understandable gs p’s o. s.

    i especially like the contrast of the gt in front of the grad chick on a hybrid bike.

    and the tail lights look to me more like a copy off nearly any year corvette.

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