4 thoughts on “Huzzah!

  1. yay! for you. I’d heard about a week ago that it was going to go through Davis — they are very excited up there too. Wee! Hope it is a better race that the TdF is turning out this year. You’d think the riders and teams would learn to stop EPO doping. I guess they have gotten away with it for so long they don’t think they will get caught. There are precious few of the riders left. What a joke. Too bad too.



  2. yeah, don’t they usually finish with a crit-ish stage? i remember watching them (online feed) circle around the block in long beach a few years ago for the finish. i’m pretty sure they do it that way for watch-ability.

  3. They’re missing stages in the Eastern Sierra, Mojave Desert, North Coast, and Modoc County. Maybe next year!

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