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Failed Time Lapse

Failed Time Lapse

Two days ago Melissa and I drove from Berkeley to San Diego. We drove on US 101 for most of the way, but used Hwy 1 between Monterey and San Luis Obispo. The weather was fantastic and the scenery beats I-5 any day, even on 101. It does take longer, but it’s worth it if you don’t have arrive at the destination at any particular time. I wanted to record the journey, as I have before, but this time looking forward. Using the Canon A620 my father gave me and my laptop connected to it using USB, I managed to do this without too much interference. However, the batteries on the camera died early on, so I didn’t capture the whole trip, or even the most scenic parts of it. In the future I’ll need to use an external power source.

I am sharing it because there’s no harm. It’s not very good, so I didn’t bother to add any music. Below the video you can see rough route the video covers on a Google map.

The video lasts 1 minute 44 seconds, is 5.6 MB in size, and the frames are separated by eight seconds.

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2 thoughts on “Failed Time Lapse

  1. Took you a while to get out of Berkeley!

    The AC supply says “Canon CA-PS500” on the back, and outputs 4.3V DC at 1.5A. The power supply plus AC cord with US plug, sold as a package, confusingly has an entirely different model number, ACK600. Maybe find one on Ebay.

  2. It kinda made me sick in the Blair Witch way.
    Your driving algorithm appears to be:
    Keep 10m behind the next car in my lane, ignore what is happening in the other lanes.

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