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Bookmarks for November 10th through November 25th

Bookmarks for November 10th through November 25th

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Sell My Volvo?

Sell My Volvo?

I am considering selling my Volvo. I drive it perhaps two or three times a week because I ride my bike to school. Melissa has a fine automobile that she would let me use. My car is a 1997 model (it was actually sold in 1996) 850 T5 Vovlo wagon with every premium package except for the 'winter' and multidisc CD changer packages. Kelly Blue Book says I can sell it for between $4000 and $5000. I encourage you to tell me what do to in the comments. Here's what I've got so far:

Do I sell my car?
Yes, sell it:

No, keep it:

  • I hardly drive my car, but I have to pay car insurance all the time. Also, I need to register it by January ($100) and get it smogged ($30?).
  • It's twelve years old and things are breaking: the key fob; the odometer; the backlight on the radio display; the driver-side seat is ripped. Who knows what's next? It's likely going to be something I can't just live without.
  • Melissa's car is nearly a decade newer, more fuel efficient and almost as spacious.
  • $4000+ in my pocket is nice.
  • Until I graduate, I don't picture myself needing a car except on the weekends. And when I graduate, my new job will pay more, so if I need to commute, I will be able to afford a car more easily.
  • If I sell my car, I'll split the car insurance costs with Melissa on her car which will save both of us money.
  • If I am going to own any car, this is just about the perfect car for me. I really like it. It's spacious enough, but not too big. It's got a killer roof rack system that would be hard to do on another car.
  • It's safer than Melissa's car, primarily because it's heavier (gotta love Volvos!).
  • I already own the car fully, so the only recurrent costs are insurance and fuel. I could call up my insurance agent and get much lower coverage, especially collision coverage.
Corvallis Photos

Corvallis Photos

Here are some photos from Corvallis. There aren't any truly spectacular photos, but the fall colors in town and on campus were nice.


The outcome of the Cal/Oregon State game was disappointing, as you can see on our faces.


Everything in Corvallis and on campus is beaver-themed; he jumbotron in Reser stadium is called the "Dam Cam."


On Sunday Matt, Tona, Jenny and I walked around campus.


Campus is quite nice with many brick buildings and leafy tree-rimmed quads. The weather was great on game day, but cold and overcast on Sunday.


Losing in Corvallis

Losing in Corvallis

The Bears lost to the Beavers today. Another season of mediocrity for the Bears is confirmed.

I attached the GPS to the window on the plane from Oakland to Portland. Check out the speed (it's in M.P.H.)!

More photos to come!

Bookmarks for October 24th through November 5th

Bookmarks for October 24th through November 5th

These are my links for October 24th through November 5th: