Sell My Volvo?

Sell My Volvo?

I am considering selling my Volvo. I drive it perhaps two or three times a week because I ride my bike to school. Melissa has a fine automobile that she would let me use. My car is a 1997 model (it was actually sold in 1996) 850 T5 Vovlo wagon with every premium package except for the 'winter' and multidisc CD changer packages. Kelly Blue Book says I can sell it for between $4000 and $5000. I encourage you to tell me what do to in the comments. Here's what I've got so far:

Do I sell my car?
Yes, sell it:

No, keep it:

  • I hardly drive my car, but I have to pay car insurance all the time. Also, I need to register it by January ($100) and get it smogged ($30?).
  • It's twelve years old and things are breaking: the key fob; the odometer; the backlight on the radio display; the driver-side seat is ripped. Who knows what's next? It's likely going to be something I can't just live without.
  • Melissa's car is nearly a decade newer, more fuel efficient and almost as spacious.
  • $4000+ in my pocket is nice.
  • Until I graduate, I don't picture myself needing a car except on the weekends. And when I graduate, my new job will pay more, so if I need to commute, I will be able to afford a car more easily.
  • If I sell my car, I'll split the car insurance costs with Melissa on her car which will save both of us money.
  • If I am going to own any car, this is just about the perfect car for me. I really like it. It's spacious enough, but not too big. It's got a killer roof rack system that would be hard to do on another car.
  • It's safer than Melissa's car, primarily because it's heavier (gotta love Volvos!).
  • I already own the car fully, so the only recurrent costs are insurance and fuel. I could call up my insurance agent and get much lower coverage, especially collision coverage.

7 thoughts on “Sell My Volvo?

  1. You don’t mention how you will get your bikes into Melissa’s car. You and your dad put on that amazing rack on the Volvo — will you have to buy a hitch and rack for the back of Melissa’s (hundreds of dollars) or get new rack to the top (same cost)?

    Why don’t you try living without your car for two weeks — only use Melissa’s and see how it works out.

    I’m thinking of selling my little Volvo too. Z doesn’t need it at school — not the best car to use for long drives since it’s a ’68. Rowan can drive my MDX and learn to drive a stick on Brent’s Boxster. It’s so cute though…. Still, I never drive it — maybe once a month. That is just silly!


  2. Hi Stephen, Since you asked. Keep the car. It’s paid for. Except for a few minor issues that are easily resolved it’s in good conditioin. Twelve years and less than 200K miles, it’s just broken in. Ditch the collision coverage. If you can stay collision free for a few years you will be money ahead. 12 years is NOT old. I drove the Chevy pick up from ’65 to ’97 and David drove it two more years beyond that. It’s a great vehicle for carring around a bunch of stuff, bikes, people, et al. When camping, and it rains, plenty of room to sleep in dry place 😉 What are you going to do with the $4K that’s going to give you more utils? That’s it IMHO. Take care, Ron

  3. Yes, I would have to figure something about bikes and Melissa’s car. I could use some of the parts I already have on her car, but I’m not sure how much could be reused. Hrm…

  4. I’d say, keep it for now. Nothing seriously wrong, it’s paid for, and it’s solid. Having two vehicles gives you some flexibility. We got by with one car in early years but it was a nuisance, and I was constantly borrowing a truck from one friend or another for various chores.

  5. Kris and I have multiple cars but mainly just use the one. Melissa’s car is bigger than ours and we fit two bikes plus all of our camping stuff in it. I don’t think the hitch rack is that expensive (we haven’t installed it yet).
    If you would end up with a second used car, it might be more hassle. You already know what the problems are with the volvo. The new car might have issues you don’t know about yet.
    I also agree if you keep it, lose the collision.

  6. keep it.
    yours is the only car that will comfortably haul 4 idiots with mountain bikes to san juan or noble or elfin … and stone.
    (not a serious comment)

  7. For history’s sake, one of my tires developed a fast flat spontaneously while parked a few days ago. I wanted to drive the car and the tire was completely flat, after not touching the car for a while. Things are falling apart!

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