I spent several hours today standing at the corner of El Norte Parkway and Elm Street in Escondido as a course marshal for the Amgen Tour of California. Today was the final stage of the eight stage (plus prologue) race that started in Sacramento.

While I waited hours for the brief seconds of each pack of cyclists to pass, I decided to amuse myself by taking pictures of all the 'brodozers' that drove by. A brodozer is a pick-up truck that has been jacked up on shocks with huge noisy tires. They are a particularly nasty form of transportation. They are a big middle finger to the environment and are driven by young males in a very aggressive manner. One of my scariest moments on a bicycle was due to a brodozer in East County San Diego. This county is infested with brodozers, and Escondido is particularly bad.

Below are 17 brodozers I was able to capture. There were many that passed before I had inspiration to photograph them, and others I missed. It's interesting that white is the dominant color, and none appear to have been off-road recently. Note that a brodozer was the only vehicle I saw escorted off the course by the police. That brodozer needed to be told more than once by the police to get off the course. This tells you all you need to know about brodozer drivers.

7 thoughts on “Brodozers

  1. I’m convinced that if Lance Armstrong hadn’t extraordinary genetics he would be the owner of a brodozer, or maybe a Pontiac Trans Am. Either way, he would have more in common with the drivers of the vehicles above than with anyone I try to associate with.

  2. It’s still a stupid thing to put on the side of your brodozer.

    My favorite one is the yellow one, it even has a baby seat on the passenger side. That’s some family values I agree with!

  3. Stephen Skory edits: This comment, with the first sentence quoted below, is a flame. It is anonymous and insults me. Since this is my blog, I make the rules. If you want to flame me, you cannot do it anonymously. If you want your opinions restored, you need to do it with at least a) your real name, and/or b) your real email address.

    “So wait, according to you, a vehicle with any suspension work is a brodozer?…”

  4. I’ve lived in Southern California all of my life, and this is definitely the brodozer capital. I made a site that has more that you should check out (and upload some of these to) – It seems like there are fewer now that the economy has forced people to reduce their expenses, but regardless there are still plenty of them out there.

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