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Nobel Canyon – Stephen Skory
Nobel Canyon

Nobel Canyon

Nobel Canyon - 47

Yesterday I rode the Nobel Canyon trail in Cleveland National Forest with Mike Hannon, Mike Morton and Stephen Lynch. Yes, it was two Mikes and two Stephens. My GPS track can be seen here. The splits view of the ride shows there was one kilometer that rose 133 meters, which works out to over 13% average gradient for that kilometer.

2 thoughts on “Nobel Canyon

  1. How reliable is the altitude on the cycling Garmins? For my running version, I often see ~50 ft. of climb/descent each lap of the Golden Bear quarter mile track.

  2. My version, the Forerunner 301, was marketed before Garmin differentiated between running and cycling versions, so there is no distinction, and may also have an older GPS chip and software than yours.

    Of course, it all depends greatly on the terrain and foliage. In the treeless desert, which is very common around San Diego, it works great, of course. It doesn’t handle fast changes in altitude very well, however. There can be a large time lag in accurate altitude on fast descents.

    With respect to your actual question, I don’t see anomalous altitude changes very often, so even if the absolute value of altitude is off (which is easily judged when I ride along the coast), d(altitude) seems pretty good for even small rises in the road.

    Isn’t the Golden Bear quarter mile track surrounded by trees? That could be a contributing factor.

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