About This Website

Why this website? I’ve taken digital photos for quite a long time now, since 1999. In this digital age that’s a long time. I’ve taken lots and lots of photos. I try to post some of them here.

Why a blog? I primarily use this blogging software because I didn’t want to create a site from scratch. I’ve done that before. I try to emphasize that this site isn’t a blog, in the most annoying form out there. I’m certainly not interesting enough to write about myself all the time. My guess is I have no one outside of my friends and family ever looking at the site. Mainly I put things here I find interesting that I want to share. Odds are if you don’t know me this site will be boring.

What are you hosting this fine website on? I’m hosting this on a Linode virtual machine. Check out this posting for details.

June, 2016