Backyard Flowers

This spring we scattered a couple bags of wildflowers all over a part of our yard we knew we couldn’t/weren’t going to actively garden this year. In previous years, that part of our yard has been mostly weeds and some native grasses. We think that it looks better covered in wildflowers, and so do our local pollinators. <dd class='wp-caption-text gallery-caption' id='gallery-14-2845'> Wildflowers </dd> <dd class='wp-caption-text gallery-caption' id='gallery-14-2844'> Honeybee </dd> <dd class='wp-caption-text gallery-caption' id='gallery-14-2843'> Wildflowers </dd> <dd class='wp-caption-text gallery-caption' id='gallery-14-2842'> Wildflowers </dd> <dd class='wp-caption-text gallery-caption' id='gallery-14-2841'> A bumble bee visits our wisteria </dd>

A New Timelapse Video

A view out our front window, today. [youtube]

My New MTB

Earlier this year I bought a 2018 Santa Cruz Tallboy C. This is my first full squish mountain bike, and it is awesome. The thing just floats over rocks and is much more forgiving than my old hard tail. It has 29" wheels, a 12 speed cogset, disc brakes, and a dropper post, all of which make the bike completely different from what I’m used to. Comparing times on Strava, I am faster on descents and any reasonably bumpy sections with this bike, which isn’t exactly the point of getting a bike like this, but it is nice.

Fast Home Internet

Out of nowhere, earlier this year Centurylink started installing 1 gig symmetric fiber internet infrastructure in our neighborhood. By out of nowhere, I mean that previously they were offering 20 MB DSL service as the best option here, which is horribly uncompetitive with Comcast cable internet that we used to have. But with the 1 gig fiber, Centurylink has a product that I couldn’t pass up. And here is the wonderful result.

Tour de France 2018 Pool

As ever, please check this link to see how poorly my Tour de France pool team (“Team Florky”) is doing. Maybe one of these days I’ll actually try to put a team together that performs well. But probably not.

Tour Pool 2017

For the eleventh year, I am the scorekeeper for a Tour de France Pool. My team, “Team Florky,” has already lost one of it’s better riders after the first stage. This year looks to be as poor a performance as usual, then, for my team. See full results here:

The Wall is Done

Almost two years after the first digging started, and 10.5 months after serious and concerted work really began, our backyard wall is done!

Today I placed the last block of the wall. Hundreds and hundreds of blocks, tons and tons of rocks and dirt moved. All done!

Here is a time lapse of todays work (in glorious 4K), and below a whole slew of photos covering beginning and end!