A Dream Realized

Last Thanksgiving I attempted to do a ride I have had in mind for a long time. There are four regional parks near to me, Peñasquitos, Sycamore Canyon, Mission Trails, and Marion Bear, that I have mountain biked in over the last few years. It occurred to me some time ago that I could make a loop of them and ride all four in one day. My attempt in November was unsuccessful - my route through Mission Trails was ill-chosen and it nearly killed me (OK, not really, but it was pretty awful). I decided to go directly home, skipping Marion Bear, and finished with only three of the four.

Today I, and my friend Stephen, accomplished the four-park ride. Most of the time and distance was off-road, although there is the inevitable on-road connecting sections. There were no crashes, although I nearly endoed at one point, and one pedal broke (his). Luckily it wasn't too hot out in Sycamore Canyon. I'm tired, of course, but happy that I finally accomplished it.