Bye Bye Google Reader

Here's what I see when I look at my Google Reader stats:

Since May 22, 2007 you have read a total of 291,781 items.

That count will go no higher.

Google has decided to retire Reader on July 1st. Reluctantly, I have decided that I will not be using Reader on my six year anniversary. As a test, for the last week I have been exclusively using tt-rss installed on this web server as a replacement. So far it has been working pretty well. It's not a perfect replacement for Reader, but Reader isn't a perfect replacement for what Reader used to be, either. And unlike Reader, since it's self-hosted, no one will be taking it away from me.

If you want an account on my server, and you are someone I know personally, don't heistate to ask!

Update: I no longer run tt-rss. As of late, I have been using Feedly.

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