Helicopter Gymnastics

It's been over a month since I flew by Blade CP. I've put it down because every time I pick it up, I want to spend money on it to make it fly better. But I don't actually want to spend money on it because I'm saving up for a nicer and more capable helicopter. In the interim, I've been playing with my simulator quite a bit and working on my skillz (with a "z").

Playing exclusively on the computer doesn't give me complete confidence that I can actually apply these skillz to the real world. There's no reset button in the real world. A confidence-builder is how much better I can fly the Blade CX2 now (which my father bought for Christmas last year). The last time I flew the CX2, nose-in (when the controls are backwards) flying was a bit sketchy - now I can fly in all orientations. To that end, check out the video below of some heli gymnastics.

The width of the skylight is about twice the diameter of the blades, so there's not too much wiggle room.