Working Conditions


Of late, there has been a great deal of construction in and around my office. Beginning two weeks ago my office cluster has been repainted, doors refinished, window shades replaced, some carpet has been replaced, and some wires and pipes have been installed and moved. There is still some more work to be done.

Beginning yesterday, and continuing for the next four to six weeks, the scoreboards for the stadium are being replaced. Pictured above is a crane removing pieces of the old one (notice the asymmetry in solid black/shaded regions). This crane is more or less just outside my window, which, as you can imagine, is kind of neat for the first five minutes, and then gets tiresome and annoying after that. The construction has also closed off large amount of space in front of the offices which is inconvenient for us, and they even cut down two perfectly healthy trees, presumably to make space for the crane (insert tree-sitter joke here).

As a matter of fact, the conduit carrying the control wires for the new scoreboards passes by my office. The next time Stanfurd plays the Buffs, don't be surprised if - wait, I'm saying too much.