Yahoo! Mail Beta still stinks… less

Three months ago I wrote that Yahoo! Mail Beta still stinks. I said that Yahoo! had fixed two of my five main quibbles with their newest email interface. Sure, they fixed two, but they were the ones I cared least about.

Lo and behold, Yahoo! came out with an updated version of Mail Beta a month ago, and more recently my server farm received the update. Let's see how Yahoo! fares this round!

  1. Fixed-width fonts. Huzzah! Numbah one gets addressed. This is big. Fixing this almost is enough for me to start using Beta every day. But only almost. Yahoo!, you get a nice green check:


  2. Message replying format. Nope. Nothing new here. Same, lame behavior as before. Give us some freedom, Yahoo!. Stop putting the minority with good etiquette down! This earns you a Big Red X, and red is never a good color for anything.


  3. Message quoting. Nope, again. There is still no way to differentiate the message I'm replying to and what I've written. Another BRX.


Yahoo!, you're getting beat up, down, left and right by Google. They just took YouTube out from under you this week! Shape up!