Tour Pool 2010

Tour de France

I've posted the 2010 Tour Pool results page. I did absolutely no research for my team, and I'll probably do just as well as all the other years I've participated. I have a few more sprinters than normal this time, so hopefully I'll get some more bonus time than what I usually get, which is very little.

For this year I bought a pass so I can watch the Tour online, live or time shifted after the daily stage is over, for something like $30. I feel that this is entirely appropriate because it jibes with my issues with subscription television. There are several channels on Cable/Satellite that I would like to have (Comedy Central, old SciFi (not the SyFy it has turned into), Versus, Discovery...), but the large majority I can do without. The media companies make it impossible to pick and choose the channels in an a-la-carte fashion, so I choose to have no subscription TV at all. Paying for this specific event just once, rather than month over month, allows me to view what I want, where I want, and it saves me money.

Oh, and I think Contador will win this year, and Lance will be top five.